Commercial building, Neptun

785m2 | 200.000€

Sale details

Auction in progress.
There are 2 days left to submit your offer.
Property type: Spațiu comercial
County: Constanța
City: Neptun
Built area space: 558m2
Developed property area: 1.052m2
Total usable area: 785m2
Field area: 2.325m2
Sale method: Licitație cu ofertă în plic închis
VAT: Se adaugă TVA
Property code: 2705


Telekom Romania is selling a commercial property located on the Trandafirilor street, in the central area of Neptun resort, in the northern area of Mangalia, the tourist and residential area, close to the commercial area of the resort. The property has a double opening: from the Trandafiri street and from an adjacent alley (public road); total opening approx. 42 m. The property comprises a building C1 - office building TT and CTA, height regime D + P + 1E (two building corridors joined by one aisle at ground level - one with height regime P and one height regime D + P + 1). The exclusive owner of the property is Telekom Romania Communications SA.

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