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Property type: Spațiu de birouri, Spațiu comercial
County: Brașov
City: Brașov
Address: Str Republicii, nr. 141
Built area space: 623m2
Developed property area: 967m2
Field area: 1.107m2
Sale method: Licitație cu ofertă în plic închis
VAT: Scutit de TVA
Property code: 0381


Telekom Romania is selling a commercial building situated in Rupea, Brasov. The building is composed of: Construction C1 - GF + 1F height regime, built-up area of ​​429 sqm and built-up area of ​​773 sqm; Construction C2 - height regime P, built area of ​​194.00 sqm; Urban land with an area of ​​1,107 sqm. The building has good visibility and features functional facilities such as water, sewerage, electricity.

The exclusive owner of the premises is Telekom Romania Communications SA.

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