Commercial premises, Baia Sprie

1.077m2 | 98.000€

Sale details

Property type: Spațiu de birouri
County: Maramureș
City: Baia Sprie
Address: STR.DECEBAL, NR.30
Built area space: 435m2
Developed property area: 1.321m2
Total usable area: 1.077m2
Field area: 632m2
Sale method: Licitație cu ofertă în plic închis
VAT: Scutit de TVA
Property code: 2065


Telekom Romania is selling a commercial building, with a heigh regim of B + G + 2F, situated in Baia Sprie in the central area in the area formed by the streets: Decebal, Closca and Miners (alley), in front of the Lidl supermarket. The building has good visibility from Closca and Gutinului Street - an area with heavy traffic and pedestrian traffic and access to all public utilities. The exclusive owner of the premises is Telekom Romania Communications SA.

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