Commercial premises, Fagaras

2.153m2 | 308.000€

Sale details

Property type: Spațiu de birouri
County: Brașov
City: Făgăraș
Built area space: 1.081m2
Developed property area: 2.639m2
Total usable area: 2.153m2
Field area: 2.767m2
Sale method: Licitație cu ofertă în plic închis
VAT: Scutit de TVA
Property code: 0402


Telekom Romania is selling a commercial property consisting of the central building with height regime Ug + Gf + 3F (footprint of 704 sqm) and outbuildings, located in the central area of Fragaras, at the intersection of Mihai Eminescu streets and Unirii boulevard, in near the City Hall of Fagaras. The area is fully developed and has access to all public utilities. The exclusive owner of the premises is Telekom Romania Communications SA.

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